So what is Ratwise?

  • It’s a rolling monthly membership, which you can join (or leave) at any time.
  • The monthly fee is £12.00. We do have an equality payment programme for those who would like to join but genuinely can’t afford to, and for those who live in countries where £12 is a serious amount of money. You can make a voluntary contribution based on what you can afford. See the pricing page for more details.
  • We value community, fun, challenge, life-long learning, value for money, fairness and providing a warm supportive environment.
  • Each month is unique and fresh, and a large proportion of the offers, information, and challenges are not available elsewhere at the time they are first offered to the membership. They are membership exclusives or previews.
  • All of the member benefits are free for the duration of your membership.
  • We love science and try to keep our material research-based, but also accept that thoughtful anecdotes can be a rich source of information.
  • Membership is based around our gorgeous, private, supportive, informative Facebook group.
  • We provide easy access to expert opinions via the members’ Facebook group, Facebook lives, PDFs and one-on-one time (Office Hours) with Alison. Other group experts are Adele Wharton, Jane Reid and Alison Triggs

Sample monthly programme

Which topics does Ratwise include?

Ratwise has progressed over the years and is now built around The Holistic Rat model represented in the diagram above. The little list of topics for each section is just representative – we are interested in every aspect of the rat.

Ratwise is a working mix of theory and practical challenge, plus bucketloads of support along the way.