So what is Ratwise?

  • It’s a rolling monthly membership, which you can join (or leave) at any time.
  • We aim for informative fun, challenge, exceptional value for money and a warm supportive environment.
  • Each month is unique and fresh, and a large proportion of the offers, information and challenges are not available elsewhere. They are membership exclusives.
  • We love science and try to keep our material research based, but also accept that thoughtful anecdotes can be a rich source of information.
  • Membership depends on email access and full benefit requires access to our gorgeous, private Facebook group.
  • We provide easy access to expert opinion via interviews, Q&A sessions, Facebook live 101s and one-on one time (twice weekly Office Hours with Alison).

Sample monthly programme

Which topics does Ratwise include?

We cover anything relating to rat behaviour, emotion, cognition, senses, perception, pain, habitat, enrichment, nutrition, social relationships, training and circadian rhythms.

Ratwise is a working mix of theory and practical challenge, plus bucket loads of support along the way.