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Ratwise Membership
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 by Emma Durose

Wouldn’t be without this – such a good idea. Is suitable for rats owner from new to more experienced always good to get new inspiration and ideas.

 by gwen

I have been reading everything I can get my hands on so i can learn all aspects of keeping rats. I have found Ratwise to be very informative and I look forward to reading much more and increasing my knowledge.

Thanks Gwen

 by Greg DC
You won’t regret it

I’ve been a member for nearly 2 years and find it to be the most useful, supportive and informative group around. It’s also the nicest corner of the internet I’ve found! This is a group for learning about your rats and discussing a huge variety of topics around rat care – covering everything from enrichment, to behaviour to environment, and everything in between. This is THE group to join if you want to improve your rats lives, and I can’t recommend it enough.

Thanks for the lovely review, Greg. And for all of your own contributions towards making it so.

 by Dreana Bulmer-Thompson
Ratwise Membership

I cannot believe how much being a member of Ratwise has taught me. Although I’ve owned rats for many years there is still so much to learn. I thought I knew a fair bit about them, but apparently not! Discovering how they see and sense the world around them and by making a few simple changes you can give them choice in their caged world has really opened my eyes to the possibilities. Being a member has massively impacted on my and their lives.

I was originally one of the beta testers for the membership. Since then I’ve been a member for 3 months including my first free month. Since joining my rats are happier, due to all the challenges from sleeping, foraging and climbing. I can’t wait to find out what next months challenges will be! The videos, live chat sessions and support from the Facebook group are all amazing. The monthly raffle, which is included as part of your membership are all related to that months challenge. Each month comes with recipes to enrich your rats lives as well as providing a boost or simply a treat, discounts from select suppliers of ratty goodies.

 by Alison Triggs
Really enjoying myself!

I’ve been keeping rats for close to 30 years now and I joined purely because it seemed like a nice community and I wanted to support my friend in a venture I felt was worthwhile and would benefit rats. I’m having the best time though!

I had lost my mojo after a few hard years and was just going through the motions. Things started picking up again lately and Ratwise has helped me use some of my rediscovered energy to reengage and fall in love with rats all over again.

I will be ever grateful.

 by Jeanne
A wealth of Knowledge!

I first had rats in my early 20’s, but then career and eventually being a Navy wife got in the way. Well fast forward 20 years later and I am now a very proud rat Granny to 11 gorgeous and cheeky boys, who I help my 13 year old daughter look after. I thought I knew a reasonable bit about rats and how best to care for them and make them happy, but this membership has opened my eyes to a completely different way of looking at things. It has empowered me with lots of supportive help and advice to start looking through our rats eyes to see what they actually want and not what we think they want. My daughter and I have loved the different challenges set to see for example what sort of bedding they prefer and to how to make fun ways for them to forage for food and give them more enrichment at feeding times. We have also really enjoyed trying out the recipes and seeing the reactions on their faces when they try a new food or flavour. I definitely feel this membership is worth every penny and I’m looking forward with my daughter to learning even more about our amazing pets.

 by Caryn
Love it!

I love being a member of Ratwise. I always love learning new things about rats, looking at/thinking about things differently and challenging my rats.
I was lucky enough to be a beta tester on the group but have remained as a member which I find to be great value for what is offered.
Not just for new rat owners. The more experienced owners will love it too – everyone can learn and share together!

 by Adele

Despite having been a loyal rat slave for more years than i care to count, this membership has proved that there is always more to learn. It’s made me look at things with fresh eyes, and has provided some brilliant ideas and simple things anyone can do to enrich the lives of their rodent overlords. Who doesn’t want that for their rats?
PS my rats didn’t write this review…. honest!!

 by Jemma
Food for thought

When I first heard of this idea I was really interested in how it would work out but not sure how much value it would be to me as an experienced rat owner. I’ve been a member now for a while and I find it really valuable. It makes me think, challenging the way I keep my rats and helping me keep things fresh and challenging for them. It’s definitely well worth it for me and has real value for both experienced and inexperienced owners. I highly recommend it.