So, what can you expect from Ratwise?

The main Facebook Group (private) is essential for membership. It’s well-used and offers great support. We also have five linked groups – Rat Fat Club (weight loss), Golden Oldies, Grief Support, Off Topic, and The Ratwise Foraging Challenge.

Benefits as of May 2023:

If you are joining today you will now benefit from 5 plus years of Facebook live videos, MP3 audios, and group discussion. We have a series of Guides on the Community on a range of topics that organise posts for you, but a simple search will unearth some treasure and our video archive is also well worth visiting (this covers the videos from the first 18 months or so).

Links to the video archive and our MP3s are in the Featured posts at the top of the Community.

Here’s an example of one of the 100s of videos now available in the Ratwise video archive, Guides and Community.

The Guides are accessed from the Community header menu.

Also in the Community header menu are the files – this includes all pdfs that have been distributed to the members over the past few years. Other pdfs are available from the Ratwise store – member benefit is 50% off.

Rolling monthly member benefits

  • First access to new information – pdfs, topics from an unpublished book, Facebook live or audio, Focus Topics, etc.
  • Recipe shares.
  • Grover’s monthly video or informational input from an Australian rescue.
  • A rat shop offer that is unique to Ratwise members.
  • Office Hours – real-time conversation with Alison (one-to-one) via messenger.
  • End-of-month raffle (2 x FREE memberships each month).
  • 50% off all PDFs from the Ratwise Store,  and a reduction on hard copybooks.
  • Annual access to The Foraging Challenge and associated Community.
  • Community (online) socials and fun events.
  • Community support, including expert generalised health advice.

Joining offer

If you are new to Ratwise, as a welcome gift we will also give you 3 FREE PDFs from the Store.

All benefits continue for as long as you remain a member. However, free pdfs can always be downloaded and kept – and Store purchases are available for the lifetime of the store in your products library.



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