So what is it that we actually do at Ratwise?

At least 2 live videos per week on a range of researched topics – always digging a little deeper. Here’s an example of over 100 videos now available in the Ratwise back library. Topics are wide-ranging and include:

  • Fear learning and unlearning.
  • Make and do – foraging toys.
  • How do rats learn?
  • Creating cage setups for less able rats.
  • Supporting positive social relationships within cage-groups.
  • Dealing with death and grief.

Videos include regular guest contributions from a vet, an animal behaviourist, a human behaviourist, rat breeders, a high-profile social media rat authority and a number of people who have special interests in a specific area of rat behaviour or care.

You will get access to the entire back library when you join Ratwise.

The video library is currently being converted into an MP3 library so that you can listen on the go!

Ratwise Private Facebook community – as one member said to me recently “It’s hard to adequately sum up the community feel the group has…” a totally safe and supportive online space for Ratwise members only, where we can share our experiences, ideas and creativity, ask our questions, wrestle with difficult issues and make room for our differences.

There are a number of extremely experienced members who are active in the community, including most of those who feature in our videos. The group archives are an excellent source of information and ideas.

I publish a monthly PDF (or two!) on aspects of rat behaviour, perception, emotion, cognition, and nutrition.

Weekly recipes, with monthly presentation into an ever-growing yearly recipe book.


  • Themed and structured (for example, progressive climbing challenge once a week for a month).
  • 5-a-day.
  • Observational.

Unique rat shop offers, raffle prizes, free ebooks, free pdfs, 50% off books, photo competitions.

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